Changing default project directory in Visual Studio 2017

Over the years, I got used to having all new projects created in the “Documents/Visual Studio 2017/Projects” folder. But for some reason, this setting was different when I recently opened Visual Studio. I spent a bit looking for a way to change it back and I believe I have found one!

Why would you want to do this?

After installing Visual Studio and hitting the New Project button, you are presented with a dialog window. Among many other settings, there is also a project directory at the bottom. This is generally “C:/Users/<your_account>/Documents/Visual Studio 2017/Projects”. While most people keep it this way, you might want all new projects be saved somewhere else, i.e. a Git directory.


It is very simple and very fast. All you need to do is fire up a new instance of Visual Studio 2017 (the same applies for earlier versions as well) and hit the Tools menu item at the top. Then select Options from the dropdown menu.


Open Visual Studio options
Open Visual Studio options

With the new window open, double-click Projects and Solutions in the left column and find the Locations row. On the right, you will find various text entries to tweak different settings in VS. The one you are interested in is dubbed Projects locations. Enter your new default project location here.

Enter the new location here
Enter the new location here

Click OK to save changes and enjoy your new settings!

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