ProjectToReadme: simply a time-saver

I think the time has come to get you equipped with some tools, which will make publishing .NET Core apps a seamless experience. As the heading implies, ProjectToReadme will get it’s honourable mention today.

Brief introduction

ProjectToReadme allows you to generate simple yet complete README files which you can later insert in your GitHub repository or anywhere else.


I think many of us are sometimes too tired or too discouraged to make a README file after finishing a project. We all want to publish it ASAP. And that’s when this program comes into play.

How?Question mark

This tool is a simple CLI interface, with a few neat features. As the GitHub page says itself, there are three options to be set upon each README generation. Using the -s or -S modifiers, you tell the program where to find your project.json file. The -f or -F set the output format, such as Markdown, HTML or plain text. The last option, -t or -T, specifies whether the end result will be saved as a, txt) file or outputted directly to the console.

You’ve got to give me some of that!

If you want to give ProjectToReadme a go, you may do so here. To get more information about it, please visit the GitHub repository.

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