Opting out of Windows Insider Program updates

For tech-savvy people, knowing about upcoming features of their favorite software can come as thrilling. Wanting to make use of the changes ASAP, they often grasp for beta versions. Whereas it may often bring joy, by definition these builds are not properly tested and come with many bugs on-board.

Just as many other companies, Microsoft also offers beta builds of Windows 10 within the Windows Insider Program. Those who joined the program and signed up to receive Fast Ring updates, often experience huge bugs and look for a way to roll back. Doing so is not easy, but I’ll present 3 ways to do so anyway.


If you joined the Program less than 10 days ago, can opt out easily. Simply go to Settings, then select Update & Security and click on the Windows Insider Program button on the left. On the right, under Go back to an earlier build, click the Get Started button if it is not greyed out.


This option is very safe and doesn’t require any reinstalling of the OS. If you want to stop getting Insider builds and don’t mind waiting, simply go to Settings, click the Update & Security tile and then scroll down and click on Windows Insider Program. In the right pane, click Stop Insider Preview Builds. In the newly opened window, click the Stop Insider builds completely button and that’s it. You’ll only keep getting Insider builds until a stable version comes out at which point you will no longer be a member of the Windows Insider Program.

Option 2 – REINSTALL

If you have been using Insider builds for more than 10 days and don’t want to wait before going back to stable builds, this option should help you. Unfortunately, it requires reinstalling the OS. So be sure to back up any files, which you deem important prior to moving forward with this option!

After backing up your files, simply download Media Creation Tool, run it and select Upgrade now in the newly opened window. This will download a stable version of Windows and install it in place of the Insider build you are currently runnin.

Where are Windows Store apps located?

Some developers may be curious, where their apps are stored on their PCs after having been uploaded to Windows Store and then downloaded. Well the answer is quite simple.

All these apps are in a directory called WindowsApps (C:\Program Files\WindowsApps). By default this directory is hidden. To make it visible click on the View tab and then make sure Hidden item is checked.

Step 1
Step 1

Also access to this directory will probably be denied by default. To gain the required permissions do the following.

  1. Right-click the WindowsApps folder.
  2. Go to Properties.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. Then at the bottom of the window you should see an Advanced button. Click on it.
  5. In the new window click on Change.
  6. Write your account name into the last text box labeled Enter the object name to select.

After finishing this process, you should be able to access WindowsApps folder without any problem. If you still encounter any problem, feel free to ask me in the Comments section. I will answer as soon as possible.